I am letting go.

I will let you be
The person I’ve needed
You not to be.

I am letting go.
I will step aside
This wall of sadness.

I will now open
Up to possibilities of good
In a world
I’ve never imagined.

I will let you go,
You, and the part of me
That needs you,
To heal.

I will let go of you,
Today and tomorrow and the third day,
When your shadow appears
As a false home.

I don’t need you anymore.
I don’t need you to be anything
For me.

You can be whatever you need,
Even towards me.

Thank you for not being
What I need.

Thank you for being wrong,
For your obstinate failures.

For in being so you caused
Me to find the secret to reality,
A secret I hope my letting
Go may help you find as well.

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