I wrote this senior year of high-school. It has an awkward feel to it. Forgive me.
First and foremost this note is unnecessary, for it will not change the heart of any man.
I have been reading a lot of books this summer containing a diversity of themes and theses and thaumaturgists. Currently “The Everlasting Man” by G.K. Chesterton is laying open on my desk, and laying a foundation for this note.

I cannot for the life of me come to any other conclusion; the inevitable end of the theory of evolution, materialistic views of history, and all atheists who accept evolution and the big bang as fact, is that men are animals. Not only can I conclude this, atheists actually argue for this, and in fact they have to argue for this or evolution is inconsistent. Men are descendent of apes and apes descendent of other beasts all the way down to a single living cell from which all life came (or something like that). Men are not animated by a soul or anything that is supernatural. Men are animals. An animal as defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary is, “A living organism that feeds on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli.” The imagination is a physical entity; emotion is a physical entity; there is nothing supernatural- you are an animal. I think the atheists say it best on atheists.org when they point out that the Catholics have missed the “…major implication (of Darwin’s theory): that humanity in all its aspects and in its essence is the product of blind, unthinking, physicochemical processes of nature…”  Men are nothing more than atoms. Men dying on a battlefield far away are just collections of atoms dying for other (less respected) collections of atoms over here (when you really, really think about it).

I’m afraid that I may be taken the wrong way if I go too much farther without first stating clearly that I do not believe humans are only a collection of atoms. I am not an advocate of modern cannibalism, moreover I detest it with all my heart. I believe humans are created in the Image of God, and to destroy or deface that image is indeed an evil thing indeed. I do not believe that that men are merely animals, but I agree with G.K. that art is the signature of man. I wish the salvation of every atheist, and would gladly have a discussion with one at any time.

In my research I didn’t come across a single document (it may exist) that pertains to atheists’ diets. I am indubitably sure that atheists enjoy bananas, burgers, boneless chicken, and boston creme pie. I fearlessly assert that every last good and true atheist would not deny that those foods are made of atoms- and very good atoms at that. I have this fantastic idea of sitting down the worlds leading materialistic atheists and offering them the foods above mentioned. Then, with the exhilarating harmony of ten or so vuvuzelas bring out all sorts of dishes with humans cooked in various ways. Surely, since they eat every other collection of atoms out there, they would at least try some human atoms. Right? I can imagine one of the atheists chanting Dory’s melody, “They’re just atoms atoms atoms…they’re just animals, animals, animals..”

The absurdity is apparent. The insanity is apparent. It is too apparent to be taken seriously. You might hear a response that may say eating humans isn’t cultural. I’ll respond that eating atoms is cultural, and apparently that’s all that you are, human. It’s truly hard to conflate the ideas of a man dying for the protection of his family back home in America, and in essence that meaning he died for a collection of atoms no better than a mouse. It’s tragic that when “reason is supreme”,  reasonable men can’t live for something that transcends atoms.
If you ever find yourself indulging in a feast, and you ask, “Mom, could you please pass the human?”- You know you truly are an animal.