Responsible Readership

We believe in responsible readership, and we know that this expectation might seem a little forward. Not only that, we are breaking the internet law of ease. So much of the internet is designed to get you to move through it with ease: It’s as easy as a click. What would have been considered utterly absurd twenty years ago — buying a car online and having it shipped to your house without ever having seen it — is now a rising practice, not because it is a good idea, but because it’s as easy as a click. My personal opinion is that Amazon is Amazon because it is selling ease.

And here we are, suggesting we want you to come into Cold Meat Section in an opposite mode of being. The mode of being is simply thinking, and thinking is the opposite of easy consuming. To be clear, there are three basic things we would ask of you as a responsible reader.

  1. If you click on an essay, we would ask that you read through the whole essay. Even if you think it’s bad or you disagree with it, a good reader listens to a fully articulated thought before dismissing it.
  2. Once you get to the end of the essay, please fill out at least one section of the response form. This literally makes the reader visible to the author. One great barrier to functional online dialogue is the lack of visibility of the person with whom one is communicating. If nothing else, a question or an encouraging comment from the reader gives the author a sense of how they’re being read, what they might need to improve, or what they are doing well.
  3. Please consider submitting essays of your own. At Cold Meat Section, we are particularly fond of teaching and learning, and we stand in need of people’s experiences, stories, and thoughts about them.