Who We Are

Cold Meat Section is fundamentally a writing community. It just so happens that many of us our Christians, and many of our individual engagements with life seem to return each of us to some form of teaching and learning. Whether professional educators or not, we are here because all of us share the love of learning, and that love spills over into writing through which we teach each other.

Cold Meat Section is a place where those who are already thinking, already writing, and already desiring to share some deep movement in their hearts can come to share their experience while also cultivating their thinking and their writing. We include everyone from PhD candidates to homeschool moms to business folks. We are absolutely open to non-Christian guest contributors, and in fact, need them to form a well-rounded engagement with life and educational thought as it is. The only real requirement for membership is a felt love of learning and willingness to review other writers’ essays.

But why does the world need another website? Why more words and more assertions? We might do more for the world by encouraging habits of solitude and silence as a means of digesting the infinite words and images people are submerged under!

Well, there are four things that set Cold Meat Section apart.

Cold Meat Section performs a synthesizing and winnowing function. Not only do we integrate many thinker-writers who currently exist in ineffective isolation, but through rigorous peer review we separate the wheat from the tares, refine each idea, and leave the reader with our best attempt to say the truth. Cold Meat Section opens itself up as an online intellectual home to those deep and reflective souls who are already thinking and already writing; If you have started a personal website, a blog, or an enlightened Youtube channel within the last 10 years, I’m talking to you. We integrate these voices into a community of dialogue, which is committed to reading with each other, thinking with each other, and directing each other towards excellent craft.

Pillar One

Cold Meat Section is reflexive in orientation. We write as means of self-cultivation by the grace of God. In other words, our writing is first and foremost not done in search of high page views, nor with a view to convincing the reader we are the last word on any subject. Instead, it’s as if our essays are the means by which we find out where are argument is weakest, where our rhetoric uncompelling, and where our thinking needs broadening. We look forward to feedback as a means to growth. This stands in direct contrast to the semi-professional professorial types who appeal to their online audiences as consummate authorities.

Pillar Two

At Cold Meat Section, we stand in need of the reader. Our goal is to generate an on-going dialogue between all writers and readers. Essays are not imagined to be closed, air-tight, or unilateral assertions. They are instead coherent invitations to say back and say better the truth all parties are after.

Pillar Three

At Cold Meat Section we believe in responsible readership. We do not want our readers to hide behind the veil of their computer screen, seeing what unfolds from a controlled distance but not being seen in the life of Cold Meat Section. We want your participation. However we do not want the insanity that has become internet dialogue. We have therefore eliminated the comment section and replaced it with a response form in each essay. The truth is, the kind of dialogue we want at CMS is simply not possible given the tools available to us at the moment. We will start with the response form. In time we hope to design and build the online structures which would allow for unprecedented, quality dialogue between readers and authors.

Pillar Four

If the kind of community we imagine comes to be, then the substance of Cold Meat Section will not be located here for all to see. The writings here will be signs pointing towards a living engagement with the world between intelligent minds, and the writings will be its fruits. All are invited to the table.